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Monday, August 30, 2010

its time to reset


          Lately i felt like i've been over with my life..addicted to something that i suppose not to be addict~..After been thinking for  a long time..i've made my decision n i decide to do it on da dot..sorry guys who's been eliminated..i'm juz trying to be the way who i am before..maybe its a little hush but i't for my own good..sorry for being so selfish~ a low profile guy is more suitable for me i guest..back to where i used to be~

          Ok..foget bout my problem..kalo ikut jam kt laptop gua nie, waktu menunjukkn pukul 2241..ade beberape jam je lagi nk merdeka..so..for me..mmg sesuai sgt la gua rs gua nk celebrate tuk memerdekakan jiwa gua yg tengah serabut nie..gua nk start with a new life in dis fucking messy life~*try to change at least*...so there's no regret if it doesn't work coz at least i've try~

          Mlm ni membe2 umah ajak g smbut kt dataran Batu Pahat tu ha..gua ikutkan aje..tp memasing tebongkang je lg tu..entah jd ke idak ler tu...ape2 pun, bek gua ready2 dulu untuk mengelak dr gua kene tinggal takot2 kalo jd klua kan~

         Sempena merdeka ni..I juz wanna wish all Malaysian citizen a Happy Independence Day!! dah 52 53tahun Malaysia merdeka and may it's keep on Merdeka till da end of da day..And a wish from me..May all of us memerdekakan diri kite!!!


peace no war!

nota kaki kanan : Semoga tindakan gua ni is da rite things i've done~


  1. keep up n gudluck!!!

  2. i miss u..... but i do respect ur choices...

  3. hope everything's gonna work out~