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Monday, January 17, 2011

Tips n Tricks~

     Ari ni gua ada cerita sket...cerita pasal gua kt dalam dewan ceramah..ceritenye cenggini...ari jumaat lepas, cik Amy merangkap kerani HR kt syarikat ni telipon gua.."Abg Remy...isnin ni u kene perkenalkn diri kt dlm dewan depan org ramai nnt tau..tp u jgn risaula coz nnt I jd pompomgurl u nnt yer.."(lu org rs betul ke dia nk ckp mcm tu?..lu org pikir la sendiri..ha3~)~...tp yg pasti nye mmg gua kene perkenalkn diri pd ari isnin (ari ni)...so, hari yg dimaksudkan pon tibe n gua pun perkenalkan lah diri kt depan dewan tu ha..dah la dengan MD, GM ngan smuanye ade kt dlm dewan tu..bepeloh gua mase pegang mikropon tu..boxer gua ni kalo lu org nk tau,melekit-lekit mcm tekincit je gua rs..gua nye kelenjar adrenaline nih tak mo cite la pulak melantun-lantun nye..huh..nk tak nk gua perkenalkan la jugak diri gua..smbil lap2 peloh, dengan tgn gua menggeletar gua redahkan jugak..

 cmni ler kot reaksi gua mase gua kenalkn diri tu...

     Tp tu cite pagi td la..yg penting org da kenal sape gua kt sini..n gua pon da kenalkn sekali tempat gua blaja (kasi org tau sket kan)..hehehe~..So, dah abis itu sesi yg dikenali sebagai morning talk, gua pon lepak minom same kwn2 gua (untuk pengetahuan korg, ramai dah pekeje2 kt sini yg gua dah kenal)..n lepas gua abis minom,sembang,carot semua bagai, gua pon masuk la semule ke dlm opis utk menyambong penyelidikan gua n tgh gua dok belek2 sesawang2 kt laptop gua ni, gua tejumpe tips2 utk pengguna2 henpon sekalian...gua rs kalo lu orang ada masalah ni bleh la try test cube tgk camne kan~

1. Dirty cell phone cases
That case you bought for your smartphone looked pretty spiffy when you first slipped it on. After a few months, though, you'll be in for a rude shock when you take the case off and look inside. Where did all that gunk come from? On second thought, don't tell us.
     Solution: If it's a one-piece silicone case, just toss it in the dishwasher — done. Beware, though: Plastic cases with multiple, glued-on parts will come apart if you give them the dishwasher treatment.

2. Wet gadgets
News flash: Gadgets and water rarely mix. If you do manage to leave your cell phone, camera, or other battery-powered gear out in the rain — or worse, drop them in a toilet — the prognosis is usually pretty grim.
     Solution: Before you give up hope, try dropping your soaked gear into a Tupperware container full of rice to draw out the moisture. Or, as a general preventative measure to keep moisture away, save some silica gel packs (you know, the ones you'll find in boxes of new shoes or beef-jerky packages) and stuff them in your cell phone or camera case.

3. Scratched DVDs and CDs
There's nothing quite as annoying as a skipping music CD or a DVD that randomly jumps seconds or minutes ahead, without warning. In some cases, you might be dealing with a dirty laser in your CD or DVD deck; more often, however, the culprit is a scratched disc.
The good news is that it is possible to repair scratches in the polycarbonate plastic coating that protects the underlying layer of data on a DVD or CD, as long as the scratch isn't too deep.
     Solution: Polish the scratches with a little furniture cleaner, perhaps with a follow-up dose of car polish. Just be sure to start from the center of the disc and rub outward, in a straight line; whatever you do, don't rub in circles.

4. Work PCs that sign you out too quickly
Code-clearance NSA operatives performing top-secret data entry at secure terminals should probably skip this tip. For the rest of us, however, here's an easy way to keep your paranoid PC from signing you out the moment you turn away from the screen.
Solution: Take off your watch (assuming you still have a watch, of course) and lay your mouse on top of its face; the ticking hands will fool the optics in your mouse into thinking it's still in motion

    Tips2 kt atas ni ada yg gua mmg dah praktikkn n mmg jd pon..so kalo lu org br tau mende ni kire bonus la kt gua sbb bg lu org ilmu sket kan..tp kalo lu org dah tau n tak nk tau, ade gua kesah..

     Lu org boleh la mencube nye kalo lu org nak..
     Renung-renungkan...dan..Selamat Beramal..

p/s : gua dapat info ni pon dr sini -----> http://news.yahoo.com/s/yblog_technews/20110112/ts_yblog_technews/upgrade-your-life-simple-solutions-to-high-tech-problems

Nota kaki kanan : Penyelia gua kt sini nk g outstation n kompom gua mcm tungau la minggu ni dok sorg2~haishh..

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